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This item have upgrade to a new size, it will be 27.5mm high.The gear inside will be more stable. Description:

●Name: Coreless Servo
●Brand: ALZRC
●Model: DS452MG
●Operating Voltage: DC4.8V-7.2V
●Working frequency:1520us/333Hz
●Speed and torque:
●Dimensions: 23mm x 12mm x 26.3mm
●Weight: 20g/pc 
●Motor: coreless/1215m
●Wire Length: 220mm
●Plug: FUT, JR Propo
●Usage: For 450-480 X360 rc helicopter.

● Suitable for the 450-480 level helicopters.
● The 1215 5-pole coreless motor, fast response, low energy consumption, high efficiency, than conventional motor life up to five times more, lifetime number of 200,000 times.
● High precision potentiometers, consistency, and one million times higher life potentiometer.
● High-resolution digital chip, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, fast response, high precision, control is more delicate and smooth operation.
● Shell is made of aluminum alloy shell, the high-precision CNC machining shape, better protection of the product accuracy and thermal performance servos.
● All metal gear, the output gear using titanium processing, enhance the strength and durability of gears, greater smoothness, even smaller gears virtual spaces.
● Dual bearing design, the use of imported precision miniature bearings, concentricity greater degree of protection gear and smoothness.

Package included:
3 x DS452MG Coreless Servo
9 x Servo arm-A
3 x Screw (M2.5x4mm) 

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