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Tarot 450 DFC Swashplate Dual-Digit Metal Orange/Black TL48030-2

Tarot 450 DFC Swashplate adopts 6061-T6 aluminum CNC machining, suitable for 450S/V2/SE/SPORT/PRO/dfc class and models, they use two-way ball head mount design DFC rod fixedmore reliable, two ball head with 45 degree tilt installation, convenient the ball head pliers depth disassembly, the ball head tilted installation allows fixed more reliably and securely to prevent the rod head off. POM Self-lubricating bushings the superhard light together goggle eyes bearing swing degree greater than other brands. The overall use of fine thread design, to facilitate the adjustment of the tightness of the fish-eye bearing.

Tarot 450 DFC Swashplate Specifications: Metal DFC Swashplate Block x 1    
Metal universal thread bearing x 1    
The metal universal threaded Bearing cover x 1    
POM universal bearing pad x 2    
Superhard Hop goggle eyes bearing x 1 (Dia 10x7mm)    
Ball head (M2x2.5) x 6 (Dia 4.75x7.18mm)    
Cross guides the long ball head (M2x2.5) x 1 (Dia 4.7x19.8mm)    
Bearing 6803ZZ x 1 (Dia 20.0xDia 27x4mm)     Package Includes: 1 x Tarot 450 DFC Swashplate

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