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Monster 800mm Wingspan PP Material Laser Cut DIY RC Airplane Flying Wing Glider KIT Description:
Item Name: Glider
Material: PP
Wingspan: 800mm
Length: 750mm
Weight: 115g Features:
New design of rudder surface,no need DIY cutting.
Nose part is strengthened by 5 layers of 5mm PP plate to improve the crashworthiness.
Wing part use single 5mm PP plate, but top 1/3 plus one layer to improve the diversion performance.
Use carbon fiber reinforced bar, durable, and easy to install and repair.
The ends of the wings can be slightly pulled out dihedral to improve self stabilizing effect.
Vertical tail use magic board instead of wood, can use fiber tape to stick when the rudder surface is flexible. Recommended Parts For This Airplane (Not Included):
Motor: 1806, 2204, 2208, Click Here
ESC: 12A, Click Here
Servo: 9g *3, Click Here
Propeller: 5 inch, Click Here
Radio System: 2.4G 4CH, Click Here
Battery: 2S 7.4V 1500mAh 25C LiPo, Click Here
Charger: Balance Charger, Click Here
Glue: Foam bubber or Hot-melt adhesive 
Hot Melt Glue Gun, Click Here
Fiber Tape, Click Here How To Install, Click Here Note: 
KIT version, as the last description picture shows,all the electronic devices are not included.
Landing Gear is Not included.
Glue is NOT included.
Package Included:
1x Monster 800mm PP Material DIY RC Glider KIT

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